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Automotive Cables

Electric, connected, autonomous and shared. This is the car of the future.

New electric vehicles pledge green energy and zero emissions. To encourage sustainable mobility, however, these cars must guarantee high performance as well.
To achieve this goal, it is essential for all components and structured wiring, which are becoming increasingly complex, to comply with these same characteristics.

For the automotive sector, TECNIKABEL produces both standard copper cables, in compliance with ISO 6722-1: 2011 quality standards, and customized multi-cores cables.
ISO 6722-1: 2011 (Road vehicles - 60 V and 600 V singlecore cables) divides cables into different classes according to rated temperature and onboard vehicle use.
TECNIKABEL cables belong to T2 (105°C), T3 (125°C) and T4 (150°C) classes.

In addition, thanks to the expertise acquired in other fields of application, TECNIKABEL technical department is able to design highly-customised cables tailored to specific customer needs and meet the innovation of the automotive sector. For instance, some of our products employ new fiber optic technologies and aluminium conductors, lighter than copper, to reduce the weight of the car and ensure better performance in terms of speed and consumption.

Flexible and multiskilled, TECNIKABEL ensures high quality products, unparalleled reliability and excellent customer care.
Finally, the complete traceability of the entire production process meets the strict standard of the automotive industry.

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