NAV80 Marine Defense Cables

Defense Cables

Defense and national security are key elements for all countries and for this reason the defense industry is experiencing continuous growth.

Sophisticated technology and considerable investments are devoted to developing land, naval and air defense systems for data transmission, countermeasures, surveillance and radar devices.
Given the hostile environments that host such installations, performance, safety, efficiency, and material and instrument quality is crucial.

TECNIKABEL has been constantly investing - time and expertise in Research & Development, as to develop customized cables able to respond to the specific technical needs of this segment.
Excellent results have been obtained in producing radio cables and field telecommunication systems, hybrid cables for radar systems, signal cables for aiming and guiding systems using materials such as FEP®, ETFE, PVC, ETFE/PUR, and cross-linked compounds for insulation and jackets complying with the most stringent MIL standards.

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