Focused on sustainable development

June 2024

Plastic recycling contributes to the circular use of this material and reduces our dependence on oil, which represents a prerequisite for a sustainable future.

We work in partnership with a Swedish company to use 98%-recycled post-consumer polypropylene cable spools and, as a result, incentivize the circular economy. After use, the cable spools can be easily disposed of in plastic bins before re-entering into circulation.

The plywood cable spools, which are usually used, are made from three different materials: wood, PVC and steel. The use of multiple materials makes it difficult to dispose of this type of cable spool. On the contrary, post-consumer PP cable spools are lighter and more weather-resistant than their plywood counterparts. This UV-resistant plastic can handle extreme temperatures from as low as -40°C up to as much as +70°C. Their reduced weight also facilitates rapid, ergonomic handling during production, transport, installation, and winding.

Here, in Tecnikabel, we are committed to promoting and maintaining awareness of the need to safeguard the environment through investments and activities focused on sustainable development. It is essential to increase the amount of recycled material in new plastic products, and we believe our cable spools are a step in the right direction.


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Italian High-speed rail infrastructure

December 2023

The High-speed rail infrastructure is the flagship of the Italian Railway network.
Tecnikabel has significantly contributed from 2008, and to date remains the reference manufacturer for the production and supply of special cables for the high speed railway network and for all the High Speed trains.


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Tornado Panavia Aircraft

June 2023

Two years ago, we entered the aviation market and all our efforts are now paying off.
We have an in-house lab that ensures the electrical and mechanical quality of our products, and being an approved and qualified Panavia consortium supplier means our cables will fly aboard the Tornado multi-role aircraft.
Furthermore, the successful completion of other ongoing qualification, will allow us access to another important European military programme.

We have designed our new range of PAN6428 cables according to dedicated programme requirements, including:

  • resistance to axtremely high temperature;
  • resistance tochemicals used in aircraft;
  • resistance to extreme environmental conditions;
  • light weight and flexibility.

To produce our aircraft cables, we have adopted carefully selected raw materials on the world market, and tested the quality of these materials in our laboratory.
Our cables are designed to meet the specific requirements of the Tornado programme, and must always guarantee aircraft capacity and performance.

Our passion flies with our cables


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We fuel our company with passion, enthusiasm and clean energy

March 2023

Since 2011, TKGroup has been using photovoltaic panels to power its production plants and offices.

The commitment to sustainability has been recently confirmed through the modernization work carried out to further reduce energy consuption and CO2 emissions: in 2022, 2410 obsolete panels were replaced with new, more powerful and efficient monocrystalline panels. The new system produces about 28% more energy than the old plants.

In 10 years, TKGroup has produced 8 million kWh of clean energy while reducing CO2 emissions by 4300 tons. By using renewable energy, the group of companies strives to protect the environment while reducing the impact of industrial activity on our planet.


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On-board modular train interconnection system

September 2022

Information, entertainment and security are key aspects to improve train passenger satisfaction. Service availability is based on data and signal transmission between train carriages and between the train and ground stations.

Our on-board modular train interconnection system is specially designed to withstand vibration and ensure the required data trasmission value for jumper application.

A complete and exhaustive validation of all parts ensures reliability and durability of the entire system.

Click here for more information.


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Aeronautical cable testing laboratory

July 2022

After obtaining UNI EN 9100:2018 certification, our commitment to the aeronautical field and our collaboration with Leonardo go on: we have built a new internal laboratory for mechanical, chemical, thermal and aging simulation tests according to international standards.

Thanks to these new machineries, we are able to certify that our increasingly light and miniaturized products can keep their mechanical, electrical, and functional properties unchanged even under extreme conditions (-65 °C/ +150°C ).

In addition to high temperature (+150°C) and torsion/crushing test, we can now perform some special tests such as:

  • electrical overload (+340°C) - to assess the cable’s ability to maintain its physical characteristics without emitting gases and smoke;
  • abrasion resistance "wire to wire" ( 26.5 million of cicles) - to simulate friction between two outer sheaths and verify that the cable does not lose its insulation characteristics;
  • insulation damaging test "wet and dry arc tracking"- to make sure that in the event of a short circuit the entire wiring and its operation are not compromised, whether in a dry environment or in the presence of liquids;
  • cold bend at -65°C - to simulate mechanical performance in extreme temperatures.

We test our cables to provide quality products that guarantee the best performance both in terms of efficiency and safety.


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La Mandria, sustainability project

March 2022

We are glad to announce that we have obtained the Italian Navy's NAV 80 homologation for naval platform and combat systems.

In 2021 TKGROUP has committed to environmental sustainability, planting 575 trees in La Mandria Natural Park.
A concrete project to absord CO2 emissions and improve the quality and enjoyment of this important park in the metropolitan city of Turin.


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Italian Navy's NAV 80 homologation

December 2021

We are glad to announce that we have obtained the Italian Navy's NAV 80 homologation for naval platform and combat systems.

Our wide range of products includes fiber optic and copper cables for different applications: control/instrumentation, power, data transmission, communication and hybrid cables. These new products are in addition to our portfolio of cables for specific applications and cable system solutions according to international military standards such as IEC, RINAMIL and US MIL. Thanks to our experience we can also design customized cables tailored to specific customer needs.

Click here for more information on our products.


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May 2021

Tecnikabel is delighted to announce that it is now SAUDI ARAMCO preferred supplier for Pyramid offshore armoured anode cables, 9com no. 6000000957.

SAUDI ARAMCO AVL is a list of highly performed and qualified suppliers to provide best-in-class materials and services. Tecnikabel is honoured to be approved by SAUDI ARAMCO, the leading producer of the energy and chemicals that drive global commerce and enhance the daily lives of people around the globe.

For further information about our Pyramid offshore armoured anode cables, we invite you to contact our Oil Gas & Petrochemical Division: our sales engineers will be delighted to answer any query.


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UNI EN 9100:2018 - Aviation, Space and Defence

March 2021

“Quality is meeting and exceeding the customer’s needs and expectations and then continuing to improve.”
William Edwards Deming

We never stop improving: we recently gained standard certification for UNI EN 9100:2018 - Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defence Organizations - which
allows us to supply aerospace field of application.


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BUILDING TECHNOLOGY LSZH Fire resistant cat 6A/7 cables

March 2021

Modern cabling infrastructures carry huge amounts of Critical data at high speed and require strict security standards.
Our Fire Resistant LSZH LAN CAT6A & CAT7 SFTP cables respect the speed and signal protocols and guarantee continuity of service even in the event of a FIRE.
They are used in various applications in your Building Technology Systems using Ethernet protocol.
These products already have a consolidated use and installation in the Transportation and Oil & Gas systems.
For more information click here.


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Single Pair Ethernet

February 2021

SPE, new standards in communication, using Power Over Data line (PoDL), new technology lowers cost, reduces weight and provides bandwidth.
If you want to get an overwiev of our SPE in the Automation field, please contact us.


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Brussels metro

February 2021

Tecnikabel has been awarded the supply of copper and fiber optic cables for the Brussels metro renovation and modernization project.
The goal of this work will be to improve the performance, efficiency and safety of the metro through the use of the most advanced CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) driverless systems.
Click here for more information about our products.


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New fire testing system

January 2021

Testing activities are a key factor for our company. Our new fire testing system allows us to test our cables under fire conditions in accordance with EN50399, in the field of EU Regulation 305/2011 and IEC 60332-3.
This new burning test apparatus is the latest addition to our numerous laboratory testing machines which allows us to constantly supervise product quality.
We believe that continuous investment guarantees user safety.


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DNV catalogue

November 2020

Tecnikabel has given its significant contribution to the increase of safety on board ships and offshore platforms. Find out our exhaustive telecommunication cable range with:

  • the most stringent requirements of fire duration with guaranteed transmission performance recently prescribed and certified by DNV & ABS
  • the Gas-tight resistance for safer operations in Ex-Areas
  • the Arctic grade for extremely cold climates
All also available with mud resistant outer sheath to NEK 606.


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FTTH cabling plan of FIberCop

November 2020

It is now official that Tecnikabel SpS has been awarded a major portion of the contract for the supply of optic fibre cables in support of the FTTH cabling plan of FiberCop, the TIM Group company created for the transformation of the secondary network.

Tecnikabel is thus given the possibility to continue his long-lasting cooperation with TIM and wishes to warmly thank the TIM Group for his trust and for extending his cooperation in the newly created Company FiberCop.

We are proud to contribute to the excellence and quality of Italian production serving the development of a National strategic infrastructure for digitisation.


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November 2020

This year at the SPS CONNECT your meetings can be anywhere you want.
The SPS Connect will take place from 24th to 26th November 2020, but you can start to enjoy the business platform right now!

Click here to register.

Tecnikabel will be glad to meet you online: visit us online!


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November 2020

Tecnikabel produced system cables for Mose to protect Venice from flooding.
Our supply of special cables were installed:

  • in the system tunnels in the lock gates
  • on board the Jack-up ship, used to position the bulkheads in the lagoon.

The Mose bulkheads recently protected Venice for the first time.
Tecnikabel is proud to help protect this UNESCO world heritage site.


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October 2020

TKGroup lands in USA.
We are proud to announce the new TK USA branch office in North Carolina.
It will be the new headquarter for all activities in North America for all product lines.

Passion flows through our cables

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Cables for Turin Metro extension

August 2020

Tecnikabel has supplied cables to realize Turin Automatic Metro extension on the Lingotto-Bengasi line.
The line will be officially inaugurated on April 2021, with only 1 month of delay due to Covid-19.

Passion flows through our cables

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Updating Building Fire Resistant catalogue

March 2020

The new FIRE RESISTANT LSZH cables catalogue for the BUILDING TECHNOLOGY is now online!
Following Transportation and Oil Gas, Tecnikabel has launched its new range of fire-resistant communication cables, which are designed to serve the most advanced communication and control systems of the Building sector.
Systems need to maintain their integrity during fire: our LAN cables (Cat.6A and Cat.7), RS 485, Canbus, Profibus and Telephone FIRE do have an enhanced behaviour to fire and can resist to up to 180 minutes. The TK FIRE OPTICAL family includes multi-tight, loose and multi-loose cables available in armoured, dielectric armouring and unarmored versions. Our range also counts on fire-resistant cables for emergency circuits designed in accordance with BS 5839-1, which describes the need for an Enhanced Behavior tested in accordance with BS 8434-2.

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LSZH Fire resistant cat 6A/7 cables

October 2019

Our LSZH Fire resistant Lan SFTP 4x2xAWG23/7 cat. 6A/7 cables ensure:

  • high transmission performance
  • service continuity during fire
  • zero emission of corrosive toxic gases



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ECOLAB - New compound approved for food and beverage

May 2019

Solutions in the packaging, food&beverage industry are very sensitive….to help increase safety and product quality now TK is able to provide cables for wiring in areas in contact with food, enviroments that is mandatory hygiene requirements.

Requirements obtained through certification test by ECOLAB – world leader in Hygiene in technology and services for everything related to ecological safety.

We use a special PUR compound, the test was performed with various different cleaning and disinfecting agents for the food and beverage industry: a chlorine based foam desinfectant, an acidic foam descaler agent, a peracetic acid based foam desinfectant a neutral foam cleaner and neutral foam desinfectant. A cable with PUR outer jacket was submerged in each test medium for 28 days at constant room temperature.

A visual test was then conducted to monitor any swelling, cracks, colour changes or changes to the surface characteristics or dimensions. The tests were conducted at Ecolab. Our compound material successfully withstood the procedure.

Watch the video Follow the Innovation

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DSL ROBOTIC - Single cable solution for torsion

May 2019

Tecnikabel developed the new complete range of Single Cable Technology for Torsion and Robotic applications.

Different sizes available in stock, from 0,5mm² up to 4,0mm² for the connection of the servomotors in the robotic arm, but also the new Single Floor cable «All in 1»; only one cable for the connection between Cabinet and Robot that include Power, Brake, Data, 24V for the connection of the 6 axis in the Robot arm.

Tested and guaranteed up to 10 Mio cycles, those cables are already used in real applications.

HTC offers the cable assemblies for Robotic for a plug and play system, 100% tested and certified. It can supply the complete system included others optional cables, mechanical, electronic and penumatic parts.

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NEW PUR 90°C - UL/CSA Approval

May 2019

TECNIKABEL is upgrading their Servo&Feedback portofolio from 80°C to 90°C UL styles. Servo and feedback cables with high temperature working benefit from a longer service life, making them preferred in motor market.

In motor market, temperatures frequently exceed 80°C. Take motor terminal boxes, for example, where conductors are often exposed to even high temperatures Polyurethane is a thermoplastic elastomer with major benefits, particularly in drag chain applications where high mechanical performances are mandatory.

We use polypropylene materials with heat resistance performance. This thermoplastic not only has long-term temperature stability, it also has a low dielectric constant. This combination is the right choice for motor market.

Tecnikabel is the manufacturer in Europe able to extend its servo and feedback cable portofolio to 90°C UL styles.

Watch the video Follow the Innovation

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