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Optical Cables

The context in which we are living is rapidly changing.
Optical fiber is an everyday’s reality in our life and gave its contribution to the development in different sectors as telecommunication, internet service and data transmission. Speeds available with simple connections, based on classic copper's wire, are far away memories.

Some of the most advantages brought by the use of optical cables are:

  • Transmission distance
  • Bandwidth
  • Transmission speed
  • Transmission protection

  • The use of the light as a transmissive instrument allows smaller attenuation and a greater transmission speed bandwidth with respect to traditional copper cables, excluding any kind of electromagnetic interferences.
    Tecnikabel designs and produces high performance optical cables able to satisfy different requirements:

  • Resistance to harsh operating conditions (movement, flexions, temperature, pressure, moisture, oil)
  • Safety and environment (fire resistance, low smoke emission and absence of corrosive gas emission during fire)
  • Use in long distance and metropolitan areas with different number of fibers
  • Use in access networks with a wide range of cables, from multi-fiber's cable to the miniaturized cable in order to bring the optical fiber to homes and apartments.

  • Passion in the design of our cables is our strength, being sure to always supply a high quality product that satisfies any Customers’ expectations.

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