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Telecommunication Cables

Telecommunication systems have undergone major changes during the past decade with the implementation of digital transmission technology.
Voice, data and images can be transmitted on a fixed media such as coaxial cables, optical fibers, and telephone wires, or using wireless systems, with radio links and satellites, opening the way to new multimedia information services for businesses and homes.

Continuous technological and standard developments in the telecommunications segment require continuous upgrading of networks and transmission devices.
TECNIKABEL has been caring for these needs for years and offers an increasingly new, updated range of cables for next-generation technologies and applications. Our cables are certified and type-approved by the most important companies working for public and private telephone operators.

Continuous developments in technology and telecommunication sector regulations require constant net and device enhancement.
TECNIKABEL has always been totally committed to high quality standards and market fulfillment, offering an up-to-date range of cables in step with the most modern technologies and applications.

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