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Transportation Cables

TECNIKABEL designs and produces a wide range of copper and optical cables for the Transportation field. The products of this field are divided in different categories:

Rolling stock
We produce control, data, signal and power cables in compliance with national and international standards, to improve the passenger comfort and the reliability of transportation.

Cables suitable for mass transit transport system and high-speed train lines. These products have high chemical, mechanical and flame resistances and low smoke emission to ensure the operation of transport system. They guarantee the signal transmission not affected by electromagnetic fields.

One of the most important requirement for the safety of metro users concern the fire prevention. Our cables, from Power, to Telecommunication and CCTV, guarantee characteristics of Low Smoke Emission, Flame Retardant, Fire Resistant.

The most important elements in airport are the baggage transportation system (Sorter), safety/video surveillance system, information system for users, air traffic management system and all airport services. We produce Telecommunication and Power cables, cables for signals, CCTV and 400 Hz power supply cables, used for aircraft supplied by ground station, Highly Flexible and mineral oil, kerosene and antifreeze liquid resistant, with high abrasion resistant.

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